The Houston Health Department, with funding from the Texas Department of State Health Services, has launched the state’s first-ever congenital syphilis initiative, the My Prenatal Promise PSA Campaign targeting child-bearing capacity women, with special focus on African American and Hispanic expectant moms in the Houston/Harris County metropolitan area. The campaign aims to educate and inform all expectant moms about prenatal care, family planning, routine doctor visits and testing and implications associated with syphilis, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The campaign will also:

  • Build awareness about prenatal care and prevention of congenital syphilis among expectant mothers
  • Promote the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of syphilis
  • Educate and inform women about syphilis, HIV and other STIs
  • Motivate all women to get tested for syphilis, HIV, COVID-19 and other contagious infections during their pregnancy
My Prenatal Promise
“Expectant Mom” PSA
Mi promesa prenatal
“Madre e hija”
My Prenatal Promise
“Baby Shower” PSA
prevention prevention

My Prenatal Pledge

"I pledge to be tested three times during my pregnancy."

K Thomas, Other, 25-34, Houston

My Prenatal Pledge

"I pledge to share the information."

d chaney, Already a Mom, 45, Harris County

My Prenatal Pledge

"I pledge to spread the word!!!"

K Odom, Already a Mom, Houston

My Prenatal Pledge

"I pledge to be tested for syphilis and other STI's at every well woman's exam, also to share information on testing."

C Frand, An Expectant Mother, 25-34, Houston

My Prenatal Pledge

"My pledge is to make sure all the women in my life know to test at least 3 times during pregnancy."

b barnes, Already a Mom, 45, Houston